Ten Reasons

Why you will benefit from becoming a Matts Customer...

1Our Customers

Our customers are our 'life blood' and are the only reason for our existence because without them we have nothing. By always putting our customers first we ensure our own success. We always remember - It takes months to find a good customer but seconds to lose one.

2Knowledge and Experience

We have years of experience within this specialised market place, along with over 200,000 jobs completed - we know our stuff. All our operators are fully trained, licensed and insured to give you that piece of mind.

3Strive for Excellence in All Things

Nobody's perfect, but it pays to be that bit more perfect than your competitors. At Matts® Home Services, we are dedicated to excellence in everything we do.

4Matts® Franchise Partners

It is only natural that our franchise partners are part of our process to strive for excellence too. We want you to be treated to the best service within the industry. Because we learn something new every day, this means that every day, in every way, we will get better and better.

5Satisfaction Guarantee

All our work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the work we have carried out then we will return to put it right. You can't be fairer than that!

6No Contracts

You are not tied in to any contract with us, and have no obligation to continue using our services. We earn your business with each and every visit ensuring you the greatest value and service.

7You Can Trust Us

Only fully trained, authorised and licensed Matts® Operatives will come to your home. This in turn maintains trust and consistency of the services we are proud of.

8Cost Effect Treatments

Most of the treatments we offer cost less than doing it yourself and often much safer. We get it right the first time without the need for you to experiment with DIY products. Because we bulk buy, we significantly reduce the cost to you the customer.

9Our Products

All of our products are superior, professional and unavailable to the general public. They far outperform the DIY products available and are applied correctly the first time. Although they require a license for us to apply, they are all kid and pet safe leaving you to relax and enjoy your garden.

10The Environment

We care for your home and the environment we live in. By using our Carbon Care™ System we recycle 100% of our waste, reducing the need for disposal and reducing our CO2 footprint. We care with Matts® CarbonCare™.