Lawn Care | Surrey

Welcome to Matts Lawn Care. Our founder Matt Miller formed the brand in 2004, and today our amazing teams have decades of experience in the lawn care industry. At Matt's we offer mowing, lawn treatments, weed control, lawn repairs and turfing using our locally based teams in Surrey and West Sussex.

Over the years we have built up an impressive reputation for providing excellent customer service. With over half a million jobs completed to date, all of our trained operatives will treat your property with respect along with offering our unique customer satisfaction guarantee.

“We look forward to many more successful years and thank to all of our loyal customers over the years.” - Matt Miller



We offer regular cutting or one-off cuts on any size lawn. On each visit your lawn is cut, strimmed and blown, leaving it pristine! Our regular mowing service runs from March to November and we also offer adhoc 'out of season' visits.

Lawn Fertilisers & Weed Killers

Ever dreamt of the perfect lawn but not sure how to go about it?

Using our very own ProTREAT™ and SelectKILL™ systems we are able to transform virtually any lawn.

Our treatments last much longer than 'regular off the shelf' products and when applied by our licensed Lawn Experts™ produce far superior results in terms of quality and appearance.

All our treatments are also child and pet safe once dry (usually within an hour).

Our SelectKILL™ part of our ProTreats Lawn Program is applied 4 times throughout the year, a licensed service that sprays specialist selective weed killer on the entire lawn to ensure every weed is hit.


Its main aim is to remove surface thatch and lateral growth, two of the main causes of moss on UK lawns. The specialist machine effectively cuts slits into the turf to aid drainage and breathability of the lawn.

We do recommend this process on an annual basis due to the climate we have here in the UK to combat the never ending battle against moss! Scarification is regarded as one of the most beneficial treatments to a lawn during Autumn or Spring. Over seeding is often carried out afterwards.


Tine Aeration is a mechanical process that creates thousands of small holes in your lawn. This treatment aids areas of compaction in high traffic areas, improving drainage, allowing air and nutrients to travel down to the root zone where it is most needed.

A Matts® Lawn Expert™ uses a professional specialist machine to create 50 holes per m2 and is recommended to be carried out every two years, depending on the lawn type and condition.

Moss Buster

Some lawns are prone to moss more than others due to the soil condition and aspect of the garden. Our special MossBUSTER™ targets the moss head on and is applied in January/February each year. This winter treatment once applied to the moss will blacken and kill it in days, ready for the new lawn season.

Lawn Repair

Damage to your grass due to wear and tear or drought can be unsightly and also lead to other lawn issues.

Whether it is most of the lawn or smaller damaged areas, they can be revived! These include holes, dips, dry patches, dead grass and areas devastated by chafer grubs. A special mixture of sterilised sand and loam top dressing is applied to the lawn and it is then levelled and reseeded.

Before you even think of re-turfing, contact us and one of our Lawn Experts™ will be happy to diagnose the cause of the damage and give you the best course of action to resolve the problem


Matts® SuperSEEDER™ is our own brand of seed perfectly mixed for the domestic lawn environment. The process of overseeding at certain times of the year is a simple and extremely cost effective way of giving your lawn a boost, providing that extra thickness required after stress caused by regular mowing, drought or children playing all summer on the lawn.

This is often applied after Scarification and Tine Aeration to allow the seed to sow itself just below the soil line.

Total Kill hard surface

Are you fed up with that weedy gravel driveway, grassy path or unsightly patio? TotalKILL™ Hardstanding, another one of our most popular services, will combat ALL weeds and kill them dead to the root in only 4 visits per year during April to September.

TotalKILL™ Hardstanding costs less than doing it yourself, saves you from storing and handling dangerous weed killer and is fully guaranteed. All our treatments are child and pet safe once dry (usually a few minutes). Matts® Operatives are also fully trained, licensed and insured to apply this great treatment.


Turfing your lawn is an ideal way to instantly create a new space or to transform an area of your garden. By clearing bushes and shrubs or removing old turf, your garden is prepared before being laid with fine quality turf by our trained Matts® Operatives.

Turf can be applied at most times of year but may require irrigation during dry spells.

Grub Buster

Is your lawn being dug up by the local wildlife and looking tired and off colour? The chances are you have Chafer Grubs or Leather Jackets feeding on your grass roots, which gives your lawn that yellowish colour.

Matts® GrubBUSTER™ treatment is the most effective method of treatment for Chafer Grubs (Chafer Beatle Larvae) and Leather Jackets (Crane Fly Larvae). This natural nematodes treatment is sprayed over the whole lawn to combat the infestation.

Any damage caused by wildlife digging up the lawn can be repaired with our PatchRepair™ Service.